Legacy Post

I’ve decided to call time on this blog site. It was a great ride while it lasted but it’s time to move on.

I want to thank everyone who has visited and left comments over the years (especially Abi Kolapo, Marcie Hill and Tykeene Jenkins) and I will remember the support you all gave me for when I decide to make a return elsewhere.

Thank you all for the memories.

This blog will be left undeleted for posterity. I’ll be keeping it available for anyone who wants to browse through the archives and, hopefully, for my kids to see when they are old enough to read and cringe at the sight of baby photos and my rare rants.

Goodbye, everyone. And happy reading.

Busted Laptop Charger

I haven’t been able to keep you updated because of a fault with my laptop’s charging unit. There was quite a lot that I wanted to share over the last few weeks but I really can’t be bothered to get into it right now because of time constraints that I don’t want to explain.


I know, but let me explain myself once I can gather the relevant combination of letters, words and paragraphs. All you need to know is that it’s been an emotional ride.

I’m not sure if whatever I will tell you has anything to do with my charger exploding but, in time, you will see that the metaphor is quite apt.


Last week the third season of Community ended on a high and I thought I’d just let the Americans amongst you know that you are killing my favourite US comedy too soon.

NBC commissioned just THIRTEEN more episodes for the fourth series before announcing that that would be the end of the Greendale Seven on our screens (save for possible re-runs). I honestly don’t understand why the show didn’t get the viewership it clearly deserved because everyone I introduced to the show is just as enamoured as I am. I knew that it was probably a little too “out there” for some, but with shows like Scrubs and even The Big Bang Theory getting ratings, I thought the least America could do would be to recognise and celebrate creativity when it’s displayed in the form of such an awesome show.

But these things happen. I forgive you, America. You could always make it up to us in Britain by watching the final series zealously in a last-ditch attempt to get the show back, or at least a spinoff, on the air.

Just to let you know what we’re fighting for, these are a couple of videos that may spur you to action.


New Arsenal Home Kit for 2012-2013

Arsenal launched their new home kit with a very interesting video. They showcase a little humour and a lot of set-piece skill (both rarely on display in must-win matches) and I thought I’d share this with you all.

Arsène Wenger and Wojciech Szczesny are gems at the end. Fantastic double act.

Bad Habits

The guys from PacifistFilms have just delivered another gem to the YouTube generation for us all to absorb and share. Be warned , though, this one is not a comedic short like some of their more recent fare, this is sixteen minutes and twenty-six seconds of seriousness.

I’m really liking the change of direction guys and I’m looking forward to seeing more of what the Pacifists have to offer.

PS – Guys, I’m still waiting on my invite to be in an upcoming feature, call my agent to set up a meeting.


Hi guys,

I had a couple of people think that I was either angry at them or had just disappeared because they hadn’t heard from me in a while. Just to be clear, I haven’t been avoiding anyone I just decided back on February 22nd to give up social media for lent.

Actually, I decided to test myself to see if I could last without keeping up with the three major networks, i.e. Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. I mean, I’m not even a catholic. I suppose I could have dropped any number of things for 40 days but I decided to challenge myself with this as it would make an impact on friends and family.

So far, so good.

I haven’t cracked or even faltered yet. This may be down to the fact that I use these networks differently to the majority of subscribers. I never post about inane and pointlessly trivial things like,

My cat just guffed, lolz!

I don’t retweet the latest quote from celebrities in order to feel important in the hope that someone might “follow” me as well; and I also fail to see why I should care about blurry nightclub pictures taken on crappy Blackberry cameraphones.

It’s all just a waste of my time.

I prefer to use these networks to connect with long-lost friends or family who are in different countries. If I’ve added someone on Facebook, then chances are that I know the person well enough to have their phone number or email address, which I believe to be better forms of communication. I own a smartphone so I can receive calls, text messages and emails at any time of the day or night. Provided you have a phone as well and my phone number, there should be absolutely no difficulty in maintaining a dialogue.

Or so I thought.

It has turned out that some people believe that if you stop using these “social media” that you may have actually died. Queue the onslaught of “R.I.P.” messages on your wall or in your Twitter feed. It’s all just ridiculous.

I suppose in a roundabout way, maybe people like me are what’s wrong with society because we don’t feel that urgency to share with the world every fleeting thought or emotion. Sharing is caring, after all.

Abi’s Naan Bread Recipe

My fiancée has gotten serious about healthy eating and cooking and recently mastered naan bread. I stole her recipe and have decided to share it with everyone. (Robin Hood complex, possibly.)

Makes 4 naan breads

2 teaspoons yeast (or 1 sachet)
1 teaspoon sugar
A few drops of olive oil or good quality vegetable oil.
Warm water – 50ml
Plain flour – 440 grams flour
Salt to taste
Chopped herbs (optional) Continue reading